Cloud Revenue for Q2 ended 6/30: $14.8B

Cloud Services: IaaS, PaaS

CEO: Andy Jassy

Do Aurora, Redshift face big challenge from Oracle MySQL w/ HeatWave?

Infor bets the company on its deep leverage of AWS R&D

Workday remains tight w/ Amazon and AWS despite crazy rumors


Founded in 2006, Amazon Web Services was created as parent company Amazon learned that the massive IT infrastructure it required around holidays and other peak shopping times was vastly underutilized for most of the year. So AWS was formed to offer that untapped compute, storage and networking expertise and capability to other companies. Definitely the category creator and reigning king in public-cloud infrastructure, AWS has built a vast range of cloud-computing services all across the infrastructure and platform categories. Its early successes, its relentless commitment to ongoing innovation, its long-held practice of regularly lowering prices, and its parent company’s worldwide renown have all combined to make AWS one of the world’s best-known and most-successful cloud-computing companies. It debuted at #1 on the Cloud Wars Top 10, but was pushed out of that top spot a couple of years ago by Microsoft. AWS has been #2 on the Cloud Wars Top 10 for the past two years.

Amazon’s cloud services

Unlike #1 Microsoft, Amazon does not participate in all 3 layers of the cloud. While it is extremely strong in IaaS and PaaS, it has chosen not to play in the SaaS layer. In IaaS and PaaS, AWS has a large and hugely popular array of services including analytics, application integration, AR and VR, blockchain, compute, containers, database, developer tools, IoT, ML, migration and transfer, networking & content delivery, quantum technologies, robotics, storage, and the interconnected trio of security, identity, and compliance.

Why Amazon has earned a spot in the Cloud Wars Top 10

Amazon has become one of the world’s top cloud-computing companies primarily on the strength of its own ongoing excellent performance but also because it helped create the overall category and has been a tireless evangelist for the innovative power of the cloud. AWS generated revenue of $35 billion in calendar 2019 and will no doubt remain a cloud-computing powerhouse for many years to come.

Amazon Special Report 2020

The Cloud Wars Top 10 is a list of the 10 largest and most-influential cloud-computing companies in the world. With a combined market cap of about $5.5 trillion, these 10 companies have an enormous impact every hour of every day on billions of people and hundreds of thousands of companies. This Special Report analyses those 10 companies around 5 strategic themes: Opportunities, Challenges, Differentiation, Leadership, and Big Questions. We offer our insights on what they need to do in 2021 to continue to lead the world in innovation, speed, digital transformation, AI, ML, customer engagements, and more.

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