Oracle vs. SAP
Oracle vs. SAP

Oracle Vs. SAP: Who Will Lead Hot New Market for Industry-Specific Solutions?

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In a classic reflection of their decades-long rivalry, the leaders of both SAP and Oracle have recently claimed that his company is the one and only software maker capable of leading the booming demand for vertical-market enterprise applications.

(On my weekly Cloud Wars Top 10 rankings, SAP is #5 and Oracle is #6.)

SAP CEO Christian Klein last week wrote, “Industries have always been our strong suit; our broadest portfolio in the market with solutions for more than 25 industries is perfect proof of this.”

Earlier this month, Oracle founder Larry Ellison said, ““We have a lot of industry-specific products and a lot of industry-specific knowledge…. Our industry applications are very unusual—nobody else has this kind of industry-specific applications to go with their horizontal applications.”

The good news for business customers is that new waves of modern and powerful applications are beginning to address the need to not just automate but optimize precise processes unique to specific industries.

SAP launched its Industry Cloud in June, and Ellison made those comments about Oracle’s industry during his company’s recent CX event.

In a bylined article posted on LinkedIn and the SAP website last week, Klein wrote, “To help them run their value chains end to end, our customers want SAP software and technology to drive more vertical, industry-specific processes in the cloud with seamless integration into the backbone – which in many cases is in core SAP applications.”

You can check out that full article here.

Ellison disclosed Oracle’s plans for industry solutions—with the first for the communications industry—earlier this month, and I wrote about that in a piece called Oracle Takes on Google and SAP in Hot New Cloud Category.

You can check out Cloud Wars’ extensive coverage of these new industry-specific plans from SAP, Oracle, Google Cloud and others from this list:

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