An overview of the top 10 fastest growing cloud companies
An overview of the top 10 fastest growing cloud companies

The Top 10 Fastest-Growing Cloud Companies In Q1: Hypergrowth, Sustained

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With a slew of Q2 earnings releases about to hit, I’m expecting more hypergrowth in the cloud, especially on the part of the world’s fastest-growing cloud companies: SAP, Microsoft and Amazon.

An overview of the top 10 fastest growing cloud companies

In Q1, those three major cloud vendors posted blowout numbers as the business surges into the cloud. And there’s no reason to think SAP, Microsoft, and Amazon’s AWS unit won’t deliver more hypergrowth for Q2.

Fastest-Growing Cloud Companies: The Leaders

While SAP, as shown in the cloud-revenue-growth chart above, posted a gaudy rate of 48% in constant currency in Q1, it was equally impressive to see that the Cloud Wars’ two largest vendors—Microsoft and Amazon—were able to deliver hypergrowth results in spite of their huge revenue bases.

In fact, as I noted yesterday in Will Microsoft Crack $10 Billion in Q4 Cloud Revenue? Count on It!, Microsoft’s cloud business has become so large that if it were a separate business of its own—with annualized revenue of $40 billion—it would be the world’s second-largest enterprise-tech company, behind only IBM and its total revenue of about $80 billion.

And Amazon is trending to finish calendar 2019 with cloud revenue of about $35 billion. That would also put it near the top of that list.

Fastest-Growing Cloud Companies: The Rest of the Top 10

It’s worth highighting a few other notable achievements from the Cloud Wars Top 10, as mentioned in the table above:


Disclosure: at the time of this writing, SAP, Oracle, Google Cloud and IBM were clients of Evans Strategic Communications LLC.


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