Simple graphic with the words Cloud Database Report centered on a blue background
Simple graphic with the words Cloud Database Report centered on a blue background

Who’s #1 Cloud Database: Oracle, AWS, Microsoft? Cockroach, Databricks, Mongo?

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Cloud databases have become the hottest segment of the surging cloud-computing industry as businesses large and small look to move full-speed into the digital economy with new data-driven capabilities never before possible.

In his superb new ongoing analysis of this market, the Cloud Database Report,  Cloud Wars contributing editor John Foley describes the enormous upheaval and potential in this rapidly growing market. Foley has also put together a tremendous resource for business buyers of technology called the Cloud Database Top 20

Here’s how Foley has described the market:

“Cloud databases are rising up the adoption curve quickly. Here are a few proof points: 

  • Gartner estimates that 75% of all databases will be deployed or migrated to the cloud by 2022.
  • Snowflake reported revenue growth of 115%, to $148.5 million, in Q3 of FY2021, compared to a year ago. 
  • AWS’s Aurora database is the fastest-growing service in the history of AWS. 

“The pace of change in data management is accelerating, both because more data than ever is being generated and because business and IT decision makers are keenly aware that “big data” represents tremendous value if they are able to capitalize on it. Their goal is to gain insights and drive innovation and actions—product development, customer acquisition, supply chain execution, sales.”

That staggering potential has generated widespread and intense competition in the cloud-database sector, with both household-name vendors as well as quirky-named newcomers offering superb new capabilities built with the help of massive investments. 

For example: Cockroach Labs recently received an eye-popping $160 million in additional funding, only to have that topped just days later when Databricks said it has just scored $1 billion in additional funding, with AWS and Salesforce among the leading investors.

So who’s going to be #1 in this crowd? Will it be one of the current database leaders such as Oracle, Amazon, Microsoft or SAP?

Or will it be one of the cloud-native upstarts such as Cockroach, Databricks, MongoDB, or Snowflake?

Foley has assembled and outlined the Cloud Database Top 20 and those companies will be his primary focus for his Cloud Database Report, which will include quarterly in-depth overviews of the market, a newsletter, and regular blog posts here on 

So who’s #1? Tune in to Cloud Database Report to see how this extraordinary race turns out.

At the time of this writing, Oracle, Google Cloud and SAP were clients of Cloud Wars Media LLC and/or Evans Strategic Communications LLC.


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