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Database Migration: One Year or One Click? | Foley on Data

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With hundreds of thousands of companies surging into the cloud and aspiring to be a data-driven business, cloud databases are becoming the central nervous system for the digital economy. Award-winning journalist and world-class content leader John Foley—who’s also a Cloud Wars contributing editor—has created the Cloud Database Report to help business leaders and the tech industry stay up to date on this red-hot strategic technology.

Episode 2

The Big Themes:

  • We launched the Cloud Database Report in February: Sign up now.
  • Moving data to the cloud is more complicated than it seems: Will your next database migration project take one year, or one click?
  • Snowball, Snowcone, Snowmobile: AWS’ Snowmobile is an 18-wheeler. It’s a tractor trailer that they back up to your data container and upload a hundred petabytes at a time.
  • InterSystems has been around for 40 years: They have deep expertise and proven technologies, and they’re expanding into new spaces.

The Big Quote: “I think of Snowflake as the Robinhood of databases.”

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