Cloud Database Report Podcast cover for interview with Andi Gutmans of Google Cloud
Cloud Database Report Podcast cover for interview with Andi Gutmans of Google Cloud

Google Cloud Database GM Andi Gutmans | Cloud DB Report Podcast

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In this episode of the Cloud Database Report Podcast, Andi Gutmans, the GM and VP of engineering for Google Cloud databases, discusses the accelerating adoption of cloud databases, the challenges and opportunities of database transformation, and how organizations are building and managing these new environments. Gutmans, who is responsible for Google Cloud’s Bigtable, Cloud SQL, Spanner, Firestore, and other databases, also shares his development plans for the months ahead.

Episode 3

The Big Themes:

  • The adoption of cloud databases is accelerating, driven by business transformation and the need for database modernization.
  • Database migrations range from homogenous migrations that are fast and easy to more complex ones that involve various source databases and target platforms.
  • The emerging “data cloud” model provides a comprehensive data environment that connects multiple databases and reduces the need for organizations to build their own plumbing.
  • Looking ahead, Google Cloud will continue to focus on database migrations, developing new enterprise capabilities, and providing a better developer experience.

The Big Quotes:

  • “Behind every database, there’s at least one application, so it’s not just about migrating the database, it’s also migrating your application servers, load balancing, and network topology.”
  • “What we’re really working on is reducing the need to do the plumbing and enable our customers just to deliver business value.”
  • “What customers are really trying to do is, on one hand, democratize access to the data… but at the same time make sure that data is secure, compliant, and governed.”

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