Cloud Database Report Podcast cover for interview with Andi Gutmans of Google Cloud
Cloud Database Report Podcast cover for interview with Andi Gutmans of Google Cloud

Pinecone Systems CEO Edo Liberty | The Cloud Database Report Podcast

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In this premiere episode of the Cloud Database Report Podcast, Pinecone Systems founder and CEO Edo Liberty discusses his company’s newly launched vector database. Vector databases are purpose built for machine learning applications. Use cases include recommendations, personalization, image search, and deduplication of records. Pinecone Systems’ technology is available in beta as “similarity search as a service” through a cloud API.

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The Big Themes:

  • What is a vector database? A vector, or vector embedding, is a string of numbers that represents documents, images, or other data. A vector database stores, searches, and retrieves the representations by similarity or by relevance.
  • Pinecone’s vector database is accessed through an API, another example of how machine learning is becoming accessible to more users.
  • Early adopters of Pinecone Systems’ vector database range from startups to large companies with machine learning initiatives that need to scale.
  • Pinecone Systems’ lead investor was also an early investor in Snowflake, and the similarities don’t stop there.

The Big Quotes:

  • “All the infrastructure organizations have doesn’t really quite work for this kind of data. It’s not a graph, it’s not a key value, it’s not a row in a table. It’s a high dimensional vector, and you have to deal with it.”
  • “A lot of companies will tell you that they have a ‘black box’ that you throw your data in and magic happens. I wish that was true. I just frankly don’t buy that model.”
  • “I’m a big proponent of databases becoming more specialized, rather than less specialized. The workloads are growing and diversifying. It makes sense to have a specialized database if you have a specialized workload.”

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