The World’s Top Cloud Vendors


The Cloud Wars ranking of the 10 most-influential cloud vendors in the world. We adjust the rankings regularly, so check back for fresh insights and updates.

April 22, 2019

It’s report-card time for many in the Cloud Wars Top 10. Q1 earnings will hit this week for #1 Microsoft (April 24), #2 Amazon (April 25), #4 SAP (April 24), and #10 ServiceNow. As we discussed recently, #1 Microsoft has an excellent chance to become the first cloud vendor to post $10 billion in quarterly cloud revenue, a striking achievement that reflects the voracious appetite for cloud services and technology. Microsoft’s commercial-cloud business has been growing at close to 50%, a hypergrowth figure that #2 Amazon’s AWS unit has been very close to matching for the past few quarters. If it’s able to maintain that torrid pace, AWS will reach $8 billion in revenue for Q1—a fabulous achievement. For #4 SAP, we’ll be watching to see if it can maintain its heady growth rate of about 40% for its SaaS portfolio. #10 ServiceNow will probably to continue to grow its unique SaaS business in the range of 35%. Looking ahead to next week, Google Cloud’s parent, Alphabet, will release earnings results on April 29.

The Cloud Wars Top 10



2018 Cloud Revenue: $32.3B
Cloud Services: IaaS, PaaS, SaaS
CEO: Satya Nadella

$10B qrtr for commercial cloud? Booming results across board say yes

If not “real” cloud, why do top companies keep choosing it?

Inside its transformative Volkswagen partnership



2018 Cloud Revenue: $25.7B
Cloud Services: IaaS, PaaS
CEO: Andy Jassy

After 2018 rev. jumped 47%, could reach $8B for Q1

Andy Jassy is 2018 Cloud Wars CEO Of Year



2018 Cloud Revenue: $13.0B
Cloud Services: SaaS, PaaS
CEO: Marc Benioff and Keith Block

Why Benioff & co. are world’s #1 SaaS vendor

Can SAP or Microsoft/Adobe steal its CRM crown?

Benioff’s bold CEO call-out: trust must be #1 priority



2018 Cloud Revenue: $5.6B
Cloud Services: SaaS, PaaS
CEO: Bill McDermott

The Qualtrics Effect & the future of enterprise software

Inside the cloud ERP wars: SAP, Oracle, and Workday



2018 Cloud Revenue: $19.2B
Cloud Services: SaaS, PaaS, IaaS
CEO: Ginni Rometty

Q1 cloud revenue was $5B—but is 12% cloud growth viable?

Key question: can Red Hat make it a hybrid leader?



2018 Cloud Revenue: $5.3B
Cloud Services: SaaS, PaaS, IaaS
CEO: Mark Hurd

Autonomous database “most-successful launch ever”

But is the self-driving database overhyped?


Google Cloud

2018 Cloud Revenue: unknown
Cloud Services: IaaS, PaaS, SaaS
CEO: Thomas Kurian

How it’s taking on Microsoft for firstline users

Revenue is unknown, but “really nice uptick” in $100M deals



2018 Cloud Revenue: $2.61B
Cloud Services: SaaS, PaaS
CEO: Aneel Bhusri

Can it respond to The SAP/Qualtrics Effect?

Low-cost deployments: secret weapon vs. Oracle & SAP

How it’s cranking up the heat in the cloud ERP wars



2018 Cloud Revenue: $9B
Cloud Services: PaaS

Moves up from #10, with ties to MSFT, AWS, GOOG



2018 Cloud Revenue: $2.61B
Cloud Services: SaaS
CEO: John Donahoe

“Digital workflow” pushes revenue to $2.61B, up 38%

Key question: can it remain independent throughout 2019?

Donahoe: prepping to become a $10B cloud powerhouse

The media and some analysts perpetuate the silly myth that the cloud begins and ends with public-cloud Iaas. While IaaS is certainly important, it’s the software layers farther up the stack—PaaS and SaaS—that are driving even greater business value, innovation and differentiation for business customers.


Here at Cloud Wars, our Top 10 rankings are created from the POV of business customers, not from inside the tech-industry bubble.