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November 18, 2019

Just a few years after #3 Salesforce co-founder Parker Harris wrote an extensive blog post announcing #2 AWS as Salesforce’s “preferred public-cloud infrastructure provider,” Marc Benioff’s company has totally rewritten that script by shifting its Marketing Cloud from AWS to #Microsoft’s Azure IaaS. At the same time, the budding Salesforce-Microsoft cloudmance is spilling over into its two other mega-clouds: Sales and Service. Both will now become deeply integrated with Microsoft’s hyper-growth Teams collaboration suite. So what’s going on here? Has AWS been jilted? Or, since a few years in the Cloud Wars is like a decade back on Planet Earth, is the embrace of Microsoft Azure by Salesforce simply a pragmatic move by Benioff to make life easier for customers in the midst of making deep commitments to the Microsoft cloud?

Surely there’s some of both going on. But at the same time, I’ve gotta believe that, in a larger sense, this is another clear indication of Microsoft’s ascendancy in the cloud. Just look at the string of deep and high-impact alliances Microsoft has formed in recent months with other vendors in the Cloud Wars Top 10: with #4 SAP to help global corporations move huge SAP workloads to the Azure public cloud, which is now the dominant IaaS environment for such moves; #5 Oracle in a “cloud-interconnect” deal that Larry Ellison says will only get closer; and with #9 ServiceNow for public-sector and highly regulated industries. Overall, these customer-centric partnerships are a sure indication that the world’s leading cloud vendors are maturing rapidly in the right ways!

The Cloud Wars Top 10



2018 Cloud Revenue: $32.3B
Cloud Services: IaaS, PaaS, SaaS
CEO: Satya Nadella

Inside its billion-dollar cloud deals: ‘Innovation Agendas’

Q1 cloud revenue = 35% of company’s total revenue!



2018 Cloud Revenue: $25.7B
Cloud Services: IaaS, PaaS
CEO: Andy Jassy

Can’t be happy about Salesforce moving Marketing Cloud to Azure IaaS



2018 Cloud Revenue: $13.0B
Cloud Services: SaaS, PaaS
Co-CEOs: Marc Benioff & Keith Block

As Dreamforce opens, check out 5 Biggest Challenges Facing Benioff



2018 Cloud Revenue: $5.6B
Cloud Services: SaaS, PaaS
Co-CEOs: Jen Morgan & Christian Klein

Microsoft deal drives growth as Q3 cloud revenue tops $2B



2018 Cloud Revenue: $5.3B
Cloud Services: SaaS, PaaS, IaaS
CEO: Mark Hurd

Ellison and SAP both claim #1 spot in enterprise apps—which will it be?

Ellison: Autonomous DB growth “so extraordinary, we’re not forecasting”

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Google Cloud

2018 Cloud Revenue: unknown
Cloud Services: IaaS, PaaS, SaaS
CEO: Thomas Kurian

No Q3 cloud revenue details, but “significant growth” across the globe



2018 Cloud Revenue: $19.2B
Cloud Services: SaaS, PaaS, IaaS
CEO: Ginni Rometty

Bank of America says cloud has saved billions in IT costs

Q3 cloud revenue up 14% to $5B as Red Hat triggers internal changes



2018 Cloud Revenue: $2.61B
Cloud Services: SaaS, PaaS
CEO: Aneel Bhusri

Walmart deal illuminates possibilities of “the new HCM”

As Q2 revenue hits $888M,  first $1-billion qrtr likely within 12 mos.



2018 Cloud Revenue: $2.61B
Cloud Services: SaaS
CEO: Bill McDermott

Up from #9: Bill McDermott takes over as CEO, Q3 rev. hits $900M

A breakthrough for the company: creating ‘Systems of Action’



2018 Cloud Revenue: $9B
Cloud Services: PaaS

No longer breaking out cloud revenue, but probably close to $10B

The media and some analysts perpetuate the silly myth that the cloud begins and ends with public-cloud Iaas. While IaaS is certainly important, it’s the software layers farther up the stack—PaaS and SaaS—that are driving even greater business value, innovation and differentiation for business customers.


Here at Cloud Wars, our Top 10 rankings are created from the POV of business customers, not from inside the tech-industry bubble.