The World’s Top Cloud Vendors


The Cloud Wars ranking of the 10 most-influential cloud vendors in the world. We adjust the rankings regularly, so check back for fresh insights and updates.

January 20, 2020
The world’s most-influential enterprise-tech companies are facing enormous opportunities in 2020 as the cloud become *the* foundation for digital business, innovation, and the creation of great customer experiences. But along with those huge growth possibilities come some significant challenges. In the first couple of weeks of this new year we’ve laid out the biggest issue facing each vendor in the Cloud Wars Top 10 in 2020:
  • #1 Microsoft: can it continue to improve Azure’s reliability as the world’s largest corporations move mission-critical workloads to the Microsoft Cloud?
  • #2 Amazon: can it mount a credible threat to Oracle’s dominance in the database market, and can it fend off Azure’s relentless growth in the IaaS segment?
  • #3 Salesforce: can it outperform SAP in redefining the CRM category and its future?
  • #4 SAP: can it fully exploit the power of Qualtrics and Experience Management across its entire end-to-end SaaS portfolio?
  • #5 Oracle: Larry Ellison’s always loved market confrontations, but can he successfully battle Amazon, Salesforce, SAP, Google and Workday simultaneously?
  • #6 Google: it has a lot of similarities to Amazon’s AWS, so Thomas Kurian needs to differentiate his company via a new breed of software solutions
  • #7 IBM: it must return to growth in the cloud
  • #8 Workday: Aneel Bhusri says he’s beating SAP and Oracle for big Fortune 100 deals–if that continues, it kicks open the door for Workday’s other apps as well
  • #9 ServiceNow: Bill McDermott’s embraced two sky-high goals: triple revenue in a few years, and become world’s “most-admired” business-software company
  • #10 ???????: we’ll be naming a new member of the Cloud Wars Top 10 soon!

The Cloud Wars Top 10



2019 Cloud Revenue (projected): $44.7B
Cloud Services: IaaS, PaaS, SaaS
CEO: Satya Nadella

Azure reliability is top priority as Q2 cloud revenue should top $12B

Why Microsoft will blow past $50 billion in cloud revenue: 5 reasons



2019 Cloud Revenue (projected): $35.2B
Cloud Services: IaaS, PaaS
CEO: Andy Jassy

Top 3 tech battles in 2020 include Amazon vs. Oracle



2019 Cloud Revenue (projected): $16.3B
Cloud Services: SaaS, PaaS
Co-CEOs: Marc Benioff & Keith Block

20-Year Itch: can Benioff outflank SAP in redefining modern CRM?



2019 Cloud Revenue (projected): $7.7B
Cloud Services: SaaS, PaaS
Co-CEOs: Jen Morgan & Christian Klein

Top 3 tech battles in 2020 include SAP vs. Salesforce



2019 Cloud Revenue (projected): $7.1B
Cloud Services: SaaS, PaaS, IaaS
CEO: Safra Catz

Larry Ellison brawling w/ SAP, Amazon and Salesforce

As Amazon pursues DB market, can Larry Ellison make Autonomous #1?

Oracle and SAP both claim #1 in enterprise apps—which will it be?


Google Cloud

2019 Cloud Revenue (projected): $9B
Cloud Services: IaaS, PaaS, SaaS
CEO: Thomas Kurian

Thomas Kurian named CEO of the Year for driving customer-first culture

No Q3 cloud revenue details, but “significant growth” across the globe



2019 Cloud Revenue (projected): $21B
Cloud Services: SaaS, PaaS, IaaS
CEO: Ginni Rometty

Bank of America says cloud has saved billions in IT costs

Q3 cloud revenue up 14% to $5B as Red Hat triggers internal changes



2019 Cloud Revenue (projected): $3.5B
Cloud Services: SaaS, PaaS
CEO: Aneel Bhusri

Can Bhusri continue to beat SAP & Oracle for huge Fortune 100 deals?



2019 Cloud Revenue (projected): $3.4B
Cloud Services: SaaS
CEO: Bill McDermott

McDermott’s moonshot: triple rev. to $10B, become ‘most admired’

A breakthrough for the company: creating ‘Systems of Action’



2019 Cloud Revenue (projected):
Cloud Services:

The media and some analysts perpetuate the silly myth that the cloud begins and ends with public-cloud Iaas. While IaaS is certainly important, it’s the software layers farther up the stack—PaaS and SaaS—that are driving even greater business value, innovation and differentiation for business customers.


Here at Cloud Wars, our Top 10 rankings are created from the POV of business customers, not from inside the tech-industry bubble.