Cover image for Cloud Wars Live: Peter Steube on COVID-19, cloud, CEOs and more
Cover image for Cloud Wars Live: Peter Steube on COVID-19, cloud, CEOs and more

If Your Stomach’s Turning, You’re Not Alone | Steube on Spending

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“Steube on Spending” episodes provide timely windows into enterprise-IT buying trends from a guy who’s got the data to back it up. Peter Steube, managing director of Enterprise Technology Research (ETR), joins us to discuss what his company is learning from surveys of big-company CIOs and IT decision-makers around the world. Today, Peter shares insights from an April survey of CIOs about COVID-19, cloud and more.

Episode 2

In this episode: Peter and I take a look at some results from a survey of 1,300 CIOs that ETR just wrapped up in April. Obviously, COVID-19 was a factor, and Peter acknowledges that corporations are facing some very serious challenges. However, Peter’s an optimist, so we take some time to talk about positive trends and optimistic feedback he’s heard from technologists.

Next, Peter and I talk specifically about both SAP and Salesforce. ETR has some great data on spending intention that can help us more deeply understand how customers are thinking about and engaging these two Cloud Wars leaders. We talk SAP products, and the qualitative feedback that Salesforce has been getting around its acquisition of Tableau.

We close by talking about opportunities. Sticking with his optimistic outlook, Peter encourages business leaders to be brave: it’s a good time to step out of comfort zones and make the hard, scary decisions that have been pushed back. Peter says if your stomach’s turning, you’re not alone.

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