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3Google Cloud

Cloud Revenue for Q2 ended 6/30: $4.63B

Cloud Services: IaaS, PaaS, SaaS

CEO: Thomas Kurian

I'm guessing they grow 52% to $5.2 billion for Q3

Kurian keynote details differentiation from MSFT, AMZN

Supply Chain Twin stunning example of digital innovation: Product of the Year?

Google Cloud

Founded in 2008, the cloud side of Google’s business wasn’t focused on commercial operations until about 2015 when it hired VMware founder Diane Greene as CEO. Greene made progress in getting Google Cloud on the map, but it was the arrival of Thomas Kurian as CEO in January 2019 that triggered the company’s rise to prominence. In just over a year with Kurian at the helm, Google Cloud rose from #9 on the Cloud Wars Top 10 to #4. Under Kurian’s leadership, Google Cloud has overhauled its culture (previously focused primarily on R&D, it’s now customer-first); its sales organization and go-to-market teams (new leader Rob Enslin looks to triple the size of its global sales team); and its product lineup. For the latter, Kurian has focused on six vertical industries. He has also reframed around customers’ digital transformations, around highly differentiated industry-specific solutions powered by AI, and around creating new value from traditional enterprise apps such as ERP, CRM and HCM.

Google Cloud’s services

Google Cloud’s broad and deep set of services include AI and ML, API management, compute, containers, data analytics, databases, developer tools, G Suite, hybrid cloud, multicloud, IoT, management tools, migration, networking, operations, security and identity, serverless computing and storage. It also focuses on offering industry-specific solutions to the following markets: retail, manufacturing, healthcare, energy, financial services, media & entertainment, government and education.

Why Google Cloud has earned a spot in the Cloud Wars Top 10

When parent company Alphabet released its calendar-2019 financial results early in 2020, it broke out for the first time some numbers for Google Cloud. For the year, Google Cloud revenue grew 53% to $8.92 billion. Beyond that, the leadership and vision of Kurian, the Cloud Wars CEO of the Year for 2019, are turning Google Cloud into a customer-centric powerhouse that will force all of its competitors to improve and deliver massive new innovation.

Google Cloud Special Report 2020

The Cloud Wars Top 10 is a list of the 10 largest and most-influential cloud-computing companies in the world. With a combined market cap of about $5.5 trillion, these 10 companies have an enormous impact every hour of every day on billions of people and hundreds of thousands of companies. This Special Report analyses those 10 companies around 5 strategic themes: Opportunities, Challenges, Differentiation, Leadership, and Big Questions. We offer our insights on what they need to do in 2021 to continue to lead the world in innovation, speed, digital transformation, AI, ML, customer engagements, and more.

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