Cover image for Cloud Wars' Industry Cloud Boom with Google Cloud
Cover image for Cloud Wars' Industry Cloud Boom with Google Cloud

Google Cloud Industry Head Lori Mitchell-Keller

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In this episode of Cloud Wars Live, our guest is Lori Mitchell-Keller, the head of Google Cloud’s highly innovative and fast-growing industry-specific solutions business. After a distinguished career leading SAP’s industries business, Mitchell-Keller was recruited several months ago by Google Cloud president Rob Enslin and CEO Thomas Kurian to drive the business that has become a major differentiator for Google Cloud in the crowded and sharp-elbowed cloud-computing bazaar. Mitchell-Keller and I discuss the importance of customer-centric mindsets, culture, hard-earned industry expertise, and the sudden and quite dramatic explosion of demand for industry-specific solutions as businesses require new capabilities as they move into the digital economy.

The Big Themes:

  • We’ve had multi-cloud and hybrid cloud for quite some time: Without a lot of churn or having to rip out some core solutions.
  • Our unique AI, ML capabilities: Ranked highest in the market by lots of outside sources, and really help us to respond to our customers very, very quickly.
  • At Google Cloud we can build from the ground up: We’re looking at an industry transformation, but what our customers really want is to understand and transform their business.
  • We’re really doing the hard research and the hard heavy lifting: We don’t believe that anybody else can solve it as well as we can.

The Big Quote: “The whole way we build solutions from start to finish is involving customers at every step of the journey.”

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