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Google Cloud Surges Among IT Buyers, Says Survey | Steube on Spending

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Welcome to the first episode of a new Cloud Wars Live monthly series: Steube on Spending. Peter Steube, managing director of Enterprise Technology Research (ETR), joins us to discuss enterprise-IT buying trends among big-company CIOs and IT decision-makers around the world. ETR has developed an extensive database of IT buying tendencies over the past 10 years, and tracks whether those buyers are likely to buy more, hold steady, or buy less from specific IT vendors. Today, Peter explains why ETR is keeping an eye on Google Cloud.

Episode 1

In this episode: Peter introduces us to ETR. At the core of the business, he says, they are data scientists. Over the last 10 years, ETR has been building an active network, in which CIOs, CTOs, IT executives, and IT decision makers can do large-scale surveys. Peter also notes that ETR works on planned evaluations of emerging technology vendors.

ETR’s primary audience is professional investors, specifically focused on late-stage, publicly-held enterprise tech companies. Peter says he’s proud that ETR works with some of the largest global hedge funds and mutual funds.

Peter also offers us a peek inside the business. Specifically, he talks us through how ETR assesses particular vendors, using two key metrics: the number of respondents who reference that vendor, and a proprietary metric called the net score. The net score measures the overall health and trajectory of spend with a particular vendor.

Finally, Peter and I talk about one vendor that’s making some waves within ETR right now: Google. Peter says with Thomas Kurian running things, Google Cloud Platform’s success could change quickly—and indeed, already is. Based on ETR’s analysis, Peter says that Google Cloud is an emerging alternative to AWS and Azure, and they seem to be taking some pages from AWS’ book.

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