Cover image for Cloud Wars Live podcast with guest Rob Enslin
Cover image for Cloud Wars Live podcast with guest Rob Enslin

Google Cloud’s Rob Enslin: Touching Billions of People

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After a stellar 27-year career at SAP culminating in being head of global field operations and then president of SAP’s cloud business, Rob Enslin joined Google Cloud about 2-1/2 years ago as president and head of sales. Enslin’s arrival came just a few months after Thomas Kurian joined Google Cloud as CEO, and Kurian’s hiring of Enslin clearly marked an inflection point in the company’s rapid and massive buildout of an enterprise-scale global sales organization, a revamped go-to-market plan, an expanded ecosystem, and growth rates that have made it the hottest major cloud company in the world.

In this interview, Rob and I touch on the culture he’s built, the mindset he deploys regarding customers and priorities, and his wide-ranging optimism about the impact technology is having and will continue to have on our world.

The Big Themes:

  • Every industry: Think about how each one of them accelerated or propelled what they would have taken years to get to in a very, very short period of time.
  • Some businesses have opened, some have closed: But one thing it’s really taught us is we’re able to touch billions of people in meaningful ways, across a broad spectrum.
  • Constantly engaging with your customers: And the more you own your customer’s success, the more rewards you will see for your engagement.
  • That’s what you purchased: Today, you purchase a car that’s convenient and that meets your sustainability, and is the next generation and it’s driven through software.

The Big Quotes:

  • “It’s incredible how human beings have been able to cope with this and continue to cope with the scenarios around it in every place around the world.”
  • “So we have to work every day, really hard to make our customers successful.”
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