Cover image for Cloud Wars Perspectives sponsored podcast with Hillery Hunter of IBM
Cover image for Cloud Wars Perspectives sponsored podcast with Hillery Hunter of IBM

Wealth of Riches: IBM Cloud CTO Hillery Hunter

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This episode brought to you by IBM. 

In this episode of Cloud Wars Live, I spoke with one of the top technologists at IBM, VP and Cloud CTO Hillery Hunter. She shared some wide-ranging perspectives on rising customer expectations, industry clouds, cybersecurity, the rising awareness of and interest in “distributed cloud” and other compelling topics. Among her other high-level responsibilities at IBM, Hunter has also earned the extremely rare distinction of having been named an IBM Fellow, which is the highest technical distinction the R&D powerhouse confers on its scientists and researchers. Hunter describes how that role gives her great latitude in meeting with customers to gain first-hand and unfiltered insights into their challenges and dreams.

The Big Themes:

  • A wealth of riches that we are so privileged to have: They serve as a kind of innovation pipeline in addition to our R&D teams.
  • The default data was your data: I think the concept of data protection, data privacy, and now terms that people are using around confidential computing are really where the heart of our differentiation lies.
  • IBM has worked in these industries for decades: Because we have worked with financial services, telco, healthcare, etc., IBM has brought together the different pieces of their applications.
  • Could a quantum computer ever crack what I’m doing: Our researchers have invented algorithms that are secure against future quantum computers.

The Big Quotes:

  • “When we talk about IBM Cloud Satellite, it is about a consistent distributed cloud.”
  • “So I got to come into our cloud business several years ago and I now serve as our chief technology officer. And I’m also an IBM Fellow.”
  • “And so we’re very closely partnering with our research organization on the topics of future programming models and deploying those kinds of capabilities through code engine and other services in our cloud.”
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This episode was brought to you by IBM.