Cover image for Cloud Wars Live podcast with Howard Boville of IBM
Cover image for Cloud Wars Live podcast with Howard Boville of IBM

IBM Industry-Cloud Blitz | Cloud Chief Howard Boville

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Howard Boville is an IBM senior VP in charge of its cloud business. In 2020, he joined IBM and brought a unique and much-needed perspective: he had been CTO at Bank of America, allowing him to bring a customer mindset with world-class knowledge of what financial institutions need in these fast-changing times. In this episode of Cloud Wars Live, Boville discusses IBM’s cloud strategy and capabilities, its deep focus on four heavily regulated industries (Financial Services, Healthcare, Government, and Telco) amid its industry-cloud blitz, the spinoff of Kyndryl and the impact that’s already having on IBM, and the company’s recent decision to collaborate with rather than compete with Microsoft, Amazon, and Google. Learn more in this episode of the Cloud Wars Live podcast.

The Big Themes:

  • Hyper focused on the four markets in regulated industries: Healthcare, telecommunications, financial services and government.
  • IBM’s heritage is in the mid office and the back office: Our mainframe runs the systems of records in the back office. That essentially is the sun in our solar system.
  • We’re an open company that provides choice: As we go through the next transformation of which IBM’s been through many in its hundred plus years.
  • Working within the wisdom of clouds: We de-risk cloud consumption as variants, infrastructure as a service, platform as a service and also software as a service.

The Big Quotes:

  • “So actually I’ll put it into the context of the three-legged stool which is what all of those three groups will think about.”
  • “If you think about the steps to that journey, IBM has always been very active in open source.”
  • “That has resonated really well with the policy makers and the actual regulators as with three central banks and the European central banks last week.”
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