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Microsoft Services: A CTO’s Advice for the C-Suite

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Chief Technology Officer for Microsoft Services Norm Judah says he has “the best role in the company.” He works on both the customer side and the vendor side of enterprise technology, and those combined perspectives are uniquely valuable in today’s high-paced and turbulent business world. On this episode of Cloud Wars Live, Norm discuss artificial intelligence, bots, Microsoft HoloLens, and much more.

Key Takeaways

These technologies change not only the outcome, but how businesses think about what business they’re in, what they can do, what value they offer. Click To Tweet
In many cases, AI will come up with a recommendation that’s not intuitive, because if it was intuitive, humans could do it. Click To Tweet

Most companies, even when you go up to the C-suite, believe they have all the data that they need… That’s not true. Click To Tweet