Cover image for Cloud Wars Live: SAS EVP Oliver Schabenberger
Cover image for Cloud Wars Live: SAS EVP Oliver Schabenberger

SAS and Microsoft: The Operating System for Digital Transformation | Cloud Wars Live

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For this episode of Cloud Wars Live, I talked with Oliver Schabenberger, EVP, COO, and CTO at SAS Software.


The Big Themes:

  • SAS and Microsoft have an important strategic partnership. Microsoft’s mission is to empower every person and every organization. SAS’ vision is to transform the world of data into a world of intelligence.
  • Digital transformation combined with increased connectivity is driving how to automate and simplify. The deluge of data is all about that.
  • It’s always a technology problem – but it’s never just a technology problem. It’s a technology, people, and process problem.
  • Dr. Goodnight, the CEO and founder, will make no layoffs or furloughs because of the pandemic.
  • SAS’ employee-first culture will never change.

The Big Quote: “What we’re seeing right now is a growth of data in two places – in the cloud and on the edge.”

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