Cover image for Cloud Wars Live podcast about Microsoft industry cloud boom
Cover image for Cloud Wars Live podcast about Microsoft industry cloud boom

‘Verticalizing the Cloud’: Microsoft Exec Alysa Taylor

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As the entire Microsoft corporation pivots in accordance with Satya Nadella’s recent declaration that the company now has an “industry-first focus,” corporate VP Alysa Taylor explains how that vision is being brought to life for Microsoft’s customers. From her position as leader of not only Microsoft’s traditional applications business but also of its rapidly expanding industry-clouds business, Taylor describes the new types of value Microsoft plans to unlock for customers by giving them new industry-specific capabilities to deal with the unprecedented requirements of the digital economy. 

The Big Themes:

  • Extremely unique in the industry: It’s not just about verticalizing one aspect of the cloud service – it’s bringing verticalization across the cloud services in a unified and seamless way.
  • Tech intensity: That is about having the tools at hand to build a strong digital foundation, to allow you to be resilient and future-proof.
  • The digital factory of the future: How do you have a rapid response for the supply chain – bringing together Azure HoloLens, as well as Dynamics 365.
  • The end game: What you want to provide for your customers, and then what are the set of processes that you need to develop for that outcome.

The Big Quote: “This is a multi-year strategy, because we’ve heard from our customers that they need us to be a digital transformation partner and to help them continue to rapidly evolve and be future-proofed.”

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