Cover for Cloud Wars Live podcast episode with Clay Magouyrk of Oracle
Cover for Cloud Wars Live podcast episode with Clay Magouyrk of Oracle

Oracle Cloud EVP Clay Magouyrk: A 1:1 Chat

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In the past year, Oracle’s become a highly disruptive player in the cloud-infrastructure business. So it was great to sit down with the leader of the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) business, executive vice president Clay Magouyrk, to discuss the cloud’s role as a business accelerator and how Oracle’s approach to cloud infrastructure can offer unique value to customers. Magouyrk also described some new edge services that Oracle is introducing today, and he offered some high-level views on the shifting role of “the edge” and how new solutions are giving businesses the capability to do things they could never do before.

The Big Themes:

  • Living up to the hype. Whether you’re talking about cloud applications, or cloud infrastructure, it’s a huge accelerator.
  • Put it in a giant backpack. You just carry it over to the public cloud and empty it out. But if you’re a brand-new company with no legacy, that works pretty well because your backpack’s empty.
  • It took 17 seconds for everyone to have a smartphone. The transition was easier – it was better. Everyone knows the cloud is better, but we’re at 15% market penetration.
  • Not afraid of hard engineering problems. The thing about doing hard engineering is that when you get it wrong, it looks like a lot of egg on your face, but when you get it right, you build something truly magical.

The Big Quote: “That’s our job. It’s our responsibility. We’ve been that leader for 30 plus years. We need to be that leader now.”

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