Cover image for Cloud Wars Live Industry Cloud Boom: Oracle
Cover image for Cloud Wars Live Industry Cloud Boom: Oracle

Oracle: Huge Industry-Cloud Numbers | EVP Mike Sicilia

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In this episode of the Cloud Wars Live podcast, I speak with the leader of Oracle’s vertical-industries business, executive vice-president Mike Sicilia. Oracle’s been creating industry-specific applications for more than 10 years and has aggressively converted them to cloud solutions, while also fusing some elements of its horizontal apps with its industry-specific solutions. Mike and I chat about some of Oracle’s vertical-industry customers, the need for new types of software that help businesses understand and drive value for their customers’ customers and how the industry-specific cloud apps interact with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and its Autonomous Database.

The Industry Cloud Boom: Oracle

The Big Themes:

  • Tens of thousands of people working in our vertical business: They have deep vertical knowledge and apply to some of our horizontal products, like ERP and CX.
  • General contractors and subcontractors: 88% of users are small- to medium-sized businesses that make up the contractor/subcontractor community. It’s an easy and painless way to go to a pure click technology.
  • We announced a partnership with Microsoft: For Oracle and Microsoft, we have exactly these types of scenarios, and we have interoperability among the cloud – both on the horizontal and vertical level.
  • Self-healing, self-securing, self-patching: I think when you put those things together, the application is fully autonomous.

The Big Quote: “Our [industry] cloud business today is bigger than our traditional [industry] license business.”

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