Cover image for Cloud Wars perspectives podcast, interview with Astadia
Cover image for Cloud Wars perspectives podcast, interview with Astadia

20,000 Mainframes Headed for Cloud? | Scott Silk & Walter Sweat of Astadia

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As the cloud has evolved and fully achieved industrial-strength capability, workloads on many of the world’s 20,000 mainframes are being migrated to the cloud. Astadia is at the heart of that movement and has helped hundreds of companies across multiple industries move their mainframe workloads safely and productively to the cloud to drive greater levels business success. CEO Scott Silk and CTO Walter Sweat describe the great mainframe-to-cloud migration and the business benefits that’s driving in this sponsored episode.

The Big Themes:

  • The Baby Boomers are retiring: Further accelerating the need to deal with mainframes.
  • FinTech as an example: Old brick and mortar banks and investment firms have had mainframes for 40 years, but those workhorses can’t handle fast-changing world of digital finance.
  • You’d better get that project right: CIOs who successfully move mainframes to the cloud are going to end up in the CEO’s office. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true!

The Big Quotes:

  • “I would think there’s about 20,000 mainframes left in existence spread over 5,500 customers.”
  • “We call them unicorns—the COBOL, CICS, DB2, deep technical experts—and they will retire before the mainframes are migrated.”
  • “So, we want to pass that comfort level on and share it with our new customers to say, ‘Yeah, there are going to be things that’ll be difficult. We’ll get there together.’”
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