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Cover image for Cloud Wars Live with Aviatrix CEO

Aviatrix CEO: Cloud Network Platform Will Soar Like Snowflake

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This episode brought to you by Aviatrix.


Steve Mullaney is CEO of Aviatrix, the Cloud Network Platform. Mullaney came out of retirement to lead Aviatrix because he believes its cloud-network platform is able to meet the increasingly demanding and urgent need for businesses to deploy a new generation of software-defined networking to meet the needs of the digital economy. Mullaney explains that market opportunity, what customers are looking for these days, and how Aviatrix’s unique advantage is its ability to combine cloud simplicity with enterprise-level operations and security. On top of that, Mullaney brings a level of passion and energy and optimism to the conversation that match his vision for what Aviatrix can achieve.

The Big Themes
  • Aviatrix is the new Snowflake: Snowflake raised $1.4B. We’ve raised $150 million. The only reason people aren’t using Aviatrix now is they never heard of Aviatrix. That’s going to change.
  • Power of visibility: The center of gravity is now moving to the cloud, and we need that level of visibility and control.
  • We immediately solved all their networking and network security issues. Now we are enabling them to actually deploy – and now they’re looking at going beyond that first cloud and two or three other clouds.
  • A new leader is going to emerge: If you’re not working with Aviatrix yet for your networking in the cloud, you need to call us.
The Big Quote

“I think we’re going to surpass Snowflake, because the network is the most important part of the stack.”

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This episode brought to you by Aviatrix.