Cover image for Cloud Wars Live podcast interview with Ayman Sayed of BMC
Cover image for Cloud Wars Live podcast interview with Ayman Sayed of BMC

BMC President and CEO Ayman Sayed: Bullish on the Digital Future

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For this episode of Cloud Wars Live, I talked with BMC President and CEO Ayman Sayed. Ayman and I discussed digital business, digital transformation, end-to-end visibility and the need for companies to use data and digital technologies to interconnect all parts of the enterprise. We also talked about how BMC’s mainframe heritage helps it in dealing with customers who have lots of traditional on-premises systems still in operation, but want to move to the cloud.

The Big Themes:

  • The Autonomous Digital Enterprise (ADE): A roadmap for companies putting a lot of focus on providing solutions for customers, and to help them accelerate this with technologies such as AI.
  • Immense amount of data: Successful companies have to figure out how to use this data and turn it into insights.
  • We’ve been in business for over 40 years: We’ve partnered with our customers from different industry domains over the year, and we have a pretty in-depth understanding of many of the challenges that they face – and the opportunities as well.
  • Optimistic and bullish on the future ahead of us: Last year was tough. But it taught us to pivot quickly and learned lessons that we took there that will make us stronger and more effective.

The Big Quote: “You’re all in the technology business, regardless of what business you’re in.”

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