Cover image for the Cloud Wars Perspectives series, featuring DataStax CPO Ed Anuff
Cover image for the Cloud Wars Perspectives series, featuring DataStax CPO Ed Anuff

Building for Data is Mission-Critical: Ed Anuff of DataStax

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As businesses accelerate into the digital economy, many are banking on AI and advanced analytics to create new capabilities and drive growth. But in many cases, those businesses are wildly overestimating the amount of data they have and the third-party data to which the have access–and without those large volumes of data, they lack the fuel to power those data-driven dreams. But conventional architectures weren’t built to handle those higher volumes of data, leaving those businesses increasingly vulnerable in today’s marketplace. DataStax has created a set of solutions that give businesses the ability to handle those large volumes *without* having to buy vast amounts of hardware and storage–instead, those companies can scale up as needed with DataStax’s cloud-based technology. Chief Product Officer Ed Anuff describes how the DataStax scale-out database, built on Cassandra, enables companies to compete and win in today’s data-driven economy.

The Big Themes:

  • It just doesn’t magically happen: It’s not the data you already have, this is one of the hard lessons that lot of folks think.
  • DataStax fits into that equation: And this is one of the things that I think goes back to what you talked about in terms of agility.
  • Everybody has S3 compatible APIs: You’ve got your storage now that is just scale out via very simple APIs. You’ve got your compute now that’s been standardized on top of Kubernetes.
  • You may have some rock stars: But majority of code written even at these internet companies is written by good developers. And I guarantee you, you’ve got good developers.

The Big Quotes:

  • “And so Cassandra was what enabled a number of retailers, many of the major retailers in operation today built critical parts of their e-commerce stack on top of Cassandra.”
  • “The starting point for most folks is you start talking about saying, ‘Okay, you need to collect and log and interpret all of these streams of data.’”
  • “And so the open data stack is about trying to make data catch up to where Kubernetes is in terms of giving you that agility.”
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