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Can Apple’s UFO Adapt to Remote-Work World? | Lochhead on Different

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Each month, “Lochhead on Different” episodes explore the need to differentiate people, products, and services in a world that encourages a lot of imitation. Christopher Lochhead is a best-selling author, top podcaster, and former tech-industry CMO. Today, we talk about the role of knowledge workers (there are a lot of them!) and massive office buildings in the remote-work world.

Episode 15

The Big Themes:

  • A billion knowledge workers on the planet, and a quarter to half of us are working from home
  • The future is not guaranteed to us, our innovations not guaranteed to us, human rights are not guaranteed to us. Our founders expected the citizenry would be much more involved.
  • What happens to the travel industry, the leisure industry, and caterers, etc.? Where will they all go?
  • Two million residents of New York City could permanently move out of the city – and they are moving to rural Colorado, Oregon, Maine, and Vermont
  • Mark Benioff, the CEO of Salesforce, has the tallest building in San Francisco – and he has been powerful, courageous, and a very visible leader
  • Apple’s got the greatest UFO ever invented – what happens to it in the remote-work world?

The Big Quote: “Silicon Valley is no longer a place – it’s an idea.”

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