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Cover image for Cloud Wars Live podcast, Courneya on Acceleration

Citizen-Developer Boom | Courneya on Acceleration

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Watch “Courneya on Acceleration” with Bridget Courneya, the Online Editor at Dynamic Communities. Bridget empowers community via dynamic content and engaging events, while leading with bold altruism. She manages content and contributions on The Decision Acceleration Cloud ( – the personalized “content-first” platform designed to empower people to make smart business technology decisions faster — and leads the development and production of digital stories in various mediums, including The DAC News Desk, The Acceleration Economy Journal, The Wrap Weekly Podcast, and more.

Episode 1

The Big Themes:

  • The citizen developer: Low-code, no-code tools are giving the power back to their employees, and that’s creating a new environment that’s having a reorganization in that area.
  • Some of the innovations from Microsoft Teams: It was just like a basic tool that I use with Teams. Some of the innovations that they developed so rapidly in the times of COVID to adapt to a new remote workforce.
  • There’s always new things to soak in there: We also have a number of events that take place, and live on demand – one of them is our binge programs.
  • Industry solutions: Trying to compare their challenges with other challenges – and try to see what matches and what’s worth their time and investment.

The Big Quotes:

  • “Most of my day job is reading, reviewing, producing content that’s relevant in the business tech world, and helping others have a voice in that conversation as well.”
  • “A huge feature about is the ability to personalize your feed and get connected with relevant topics and find like-minded voices.”
  • “I think we saw something similar when Microsoft acquired Nuance, which was their second-largest acquisition behind LinkedIn.”
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