Cover image for Cloud Wars Live: Crazy: Oracle Woos TikTok, Harvard’s Big Gap
Cover image for Cloud Wars Live: Crazy: Oracle Woos TikTok, Harvard’s Big Gap

Crazy: Oracle Woos TikTok, Harvard’s Big Gap | Ammirati on Innovation

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Each month, “Ammirati on Innovation” episodes will look at ways that the disruptive-startup mentality is spreading beyond young entrepreneurs to big established corporations. Serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist and Carnegie Mellon B-school professor Sean Ammirati, who sits at the intersection of these high-change dynamics, provides insight.

Episode 16

The Big Themes:

  • Six months ago, would anyone on the planet believe that 20% of incoming Harvard freshmen would defer? Great example of the crazy times we’re in!
  • Sean’s message to those and other would-be college freshmen choosing to take a gap year: “Why don’t you spend that time starting your own business?” The course and content Sean’s developing for that are drawing a great deal of interest.
  • Disney purchasing TikTok makes a lot of sense – even Twitter purchasing TikTok makes a lot of sense. But Oracle or Microsoft? Crazy!
  • Ten years ago, when Oracle founder Larry Ellison bought Sun Microsystems, some people thought it was a brilliant move, but many that it was insane. But TikTok is the next level of crazy!

The Big Quote: “If Microsoft’s crazy, Oracle is like next-level crazy. They get crazier, not less crazy.”

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