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Each month, Tony Uphoff, visionary CEO of, joins Cloud Wars Live for a recurring segment. “Uphoff on Industry” will explore the innovations, upheavals, and breakthroughs reshaping the the world of manufacturing and industrial markets. Join Tony and me as we discuss disruptive new trends in the digital-industrial world: not just how products are designed, sourced and manufactured, but also the new ways in which industrial companies are getting up to speed on marketing, sales and customer experience.

Episode 2

In this episode, Tony and I look at a coming boom in manufacturing. Namely, how the combination of digital twinning—creating a digital representation of an ongoing system—with additive manufacturing (3D printing) is allowing factories to model systems, products, and more, from the simple to the highly complex. Plus, Tony tells us how a digital ledger, (blockchain) opens up “tons of opportunities” for manufacturers. Tony thinks that technological change precedes cultural change, and that industry is leading the way with robotics and automation.

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