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Cover image for Cloud Wars Live: Fender’s Fabulous Reimagination | Lochhead on Different

Fender’s Fabulous Reimagination | Lochhead on Different

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Each month, “Lochhead on Different” episodes explore the need to differentiate people, products, and services in a world that encourages a lot of imitation. Christopher Lochhead is a best-selling author, top podcaster, and former tech-industry CMO. Today, we talk about heroes in 2020. 

Episode 17

The Big Themes:

  • The end of Silicon Valley: Elon Musk and Larry Ellison of Oracle are pulling up their tents and going to Texas.
  • Eric Yuan, founder and CEO of Zoom: 2020 entrepreneur of the year: Eric Yuan. This one’s really obvious – he gave Zoom to the schools, and he had the biggest B2C growth stories in the history of the technology industry.
  • Fender’s fabulous fret-filled adventure: Fender thought at the time that there would maybe be 100,000 people. The company set its sights on over 1,000,000 million people. Seven million PR impressions, 1,300 powerful stories, and 140 artists in social shares have resulted in a 150% increase in paid subscriptions.
  • Don’t let them go on CNBC looking like a dork: The bottom line is to make your executives look good – not bad.

The Big Quote: “There’s never been a greater time in history than right now – this moment right now to be in the information technology industry.”

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