Exponentialism Ford Airbnb
Exponentialism Ford Airbnb

Henry Ford, Airbnb, and Exponentialism | Lochhead on Different

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Each month, “Christopher Lochhead on Different” episodes will explore the need to differentiate people, products, and services in a world that encourages a lot of imitation. A best-selling author, top podcaster, and former tech-industry CMO, Chris is a student of not only business and technology and marketing but also human nature, human folly, human genius, and very human joy.

Episode 2

In this episode, Chris and I explore the ways that “exponentialists” drive innovation in business, culture, and other areas—more so than incrementalists do. Henry Ford was not looking to incrementally improve on the horse; he ushered in exponential change. The iPhone, TiVo, Airbnb, and other transformative technologies refused to work within existing parameters. Instead, they moved the world from what it was to what it could be. Press play to hear Chris explain why it’s riskier to set conservative goals than it is to design a new category.

Key Takeaways: Henry Ford, Airbnb, and Exponentialism

“The people we admire are exponentialists, not incrementalists.” Click To Tweet“This is the greatest time in our industry, and it’s hard to argue that it’s not the greatest time in history to be alive.” Click To Tweet“The less risky thing you can do is to design and dominate a new category.” Click To Tweet

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