Cover image for Cloud Wars Live podcast with Pat Fitzerald on talent
Cover image for Cloud Wars Live podcast with Pat Fitzerald on talent

The Hunt for Quota-Crushers | Fitzgerald on Talent

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One of the top recruiters of executive and sales-leadership talent in the tech industry, Pat Fitzgerald brings deep and valuable perspectives on the battle for talent being waged across every industry today. In monthly episodes, Pat shares his unique insights on the new types of skills that businesses are seeking today, and also on opportunities that talented professionals of all ages are looking for. This week, Pat’s business partner Mark Hatfield joins us to talk about creativity in talent recruitment, contract recruiters and more.

Episode 5

The Big Themes:

  • Companies want a player that’s crushing their quota year-after-year: Everybody’s going after that person. To get a search agency that’s going to make you a priority and only recruit for you is not realistic.
  • They’re experts in their field: They’re sales recruiters, and that’s all they do. They’re engineering recruiters – and that’s all they do.
  • Equity is always going to be a big issue: I think we’ll continue to be a driving force for change in the future.
  • Candidates are just getting multiple offers, multiple calls: They’re getting tired of getting all the recruiting phone calls and interviews.

The Big Quote:

  • “Did that person resonate with me? Do we share common values? You know, are they going to help me get to that next level?”
  • “They’re going to have more resources. They’re going to have more tools. They’re going to have more investment put into making that organization or that team successful because that’s their business.”
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