Cover image for Cloud Wars Live episode with Infor
Cover image for Cloud Wars Live episode with Infor

Infor and Its $1 Billion Industry Clouds | Cloud Wars Live

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On this episode of the Cloud Wars Live podcast, I speak with Infor CEO Kevin Samuelson and Infor CTO Soma Somasundaram about the industry-specific approach their company’s embraced since it was founded in 2002. We chat about the booming demand for industry-specific cloud apps, Infor’s aversion to the whole “ERP” thing and the company’s very impressive annual run rate of about $1 billion for industry clouds.

The Industry Cloud Boom: Infor

The Big Themes:

  • $5 billion building and rewriting modern cloud apps: In the last few years we’ve really had all the ingredients, the products, the market, the technology – and so we’ve pushed it hard.
  • We’re private and extraordinarily well-funded: That’s actually given us an advantage on that front. We are truly thinking in decades.
  • Last mile functionality, last mile content: The solutions have to be architected in a way to address an adjacent set of industries.
  • One throat to choke: We’ll have our services teams to partner with Deloitte or Accenture, or a typical SI. We’re clearly a part of this and are answerable to any issues.

The Big Quote: “It does feel like companies want a return on their investment a lot more quickly because they’re facing much more material business issues and disruption.”

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