Cover image for Cloud Wars Live: Modern Cloud ERP Is Ruining ERP's Scary Reputation!
Cover image for Cloud Wars Live: Modern Cloud ERP Is Ruining ERP's Scary Reputation!

Modern Cloud ERP Is Ruining ERP’s Scary Reputation! | Sadin on Digital

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Sadin on Digital” episodes explore the fast-changing and high-stakes world of digital business. Wayne Sadin and I focus in particular on what CEOs and boards must do to lead their companies successfully into the Digital Age. Today, we talk about modern cloud ERP, and how the “four letter word” of business is becoming a powerful asset that can help companies with digital optimization and transformation.

Episode 16

In this episode: Wayne and I talk about the scariest three letter word in the English language, ERP (enterprise resource planning). When Wayne talks to board members and C-Suite executives about ERP, they always say it’s going to cost more, it’s not going to work and it’s going to take forever. But these days, that’s not the case. You can get an ERP in the cloud for a fraction of the cost.

In his final thoughts, Wayne discusses how if you’ve got a typical 20-year old software suite that’s discombobulated and disconnected, and half your business runs on Excel spreadsheets, you’ve got a problem. Modern ERP has all the resources for AI, IoT, mixed reality, drones, sensors, edge computing and advanced analytics – and you should use them!

Also in this episode:

  • Chesterton’s Fence: Never take a fence down until you know why it was put up
  • You want a person who has the scars and the gray hair on your ERP team
  • IBM coined the term material requirements planning (MRP), which begat ERP

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