Designed graphic with text: Cloud Wars Perspectives (Sponsored), with Lohit Sarma of Lifion
Designed graphic with text: Cloud Wars Perspectives (Sponsored), with Lohit Sarma of Lifion

Next-Gen HCM: Lohit Sarma, Lifion VP

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The new world of work requires a dramatically different way of thinking about employee experiences, and ADP Lifion is creating that with its Next-Gen HCM, says Lohit Sarma, vice-president of product development and innovation. In a lively chat, Lohit describes how low-code expertise is allowing Lifion to rapidly iterate with customers to develop the new types of insights that are vital to the employers and employees in today’s crazy world. Lohit also emphasizes how Next-Gen HCM is built not only for practitioners but also for leaders so that they can instantly gain fresh and vital insights into workplace dynamics and shape their decisions around those. And as part of ADP, Lifion can fully leverage the massive data sets ADP has accumulated over the past 70 years to understand and model best practices in a fast-changing world.

The Big Themes:

  • Where these two circles intersect: You could offer a core set of applications, and the ability for you to pick and choose some of these other applications that are available.
  • We set up Lifion to build our Next Gen HCM: We had to build it not for just the up-market U.S. space, but we were also targeting U.S. HQ at MNCs and international companies.
  • The numbers may vary: I’m just going to use that standard rule of thumb we follow is the 80/20 rule. Enterprise software is about 80% of the use cases.
  • How do you operationalize that mission: I think the way we’re coming into the market is we are saying, “We all want to be there, and we truly believe that this is a tool that can help you get there.”

The Big Quotes:

  • “Now, the best part of working within the ADP ecosystem, is we can truly leverage some of these third-party applications via our marketplace.”
  • “We probably do not give enough credit to some of the products that have come before us. They have been the ones who have done it for a while.”
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