Portrait of RSA VP of HR Mignonette Silot-Chang
Portrait of RSA VP of HR Mignonette Silot-Chang

RSA on Leading Through Empathy Amid a Crisis | Mignonette Silot-Chang

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This episode is brought to you by RSA Security.

For this sponsored Cloud Wars Live conversation, I speak with Mignonette Silot-Chang, VP of Human Resources for RSA Security. Mignonette and I talk about how we are in unprecedented times, and how her employees across the globe have displayed incredible resiliency and have been able to adapt very quickly. In Mignonette’s opinion, this crisis presents leaders a great opportunity to demonstrate empathy, patience and understanding.

Companies are going to come out of this in one of two ways. Those who embraced the new norm will come out closer and more collaborative. Others will be more fractured because they didn’t lean into the opportunity.

The days of traveling week after week for in-person meetings or conferences may be a thing of the past – although there is always a need for face-to-face interaction. Mignonette sees more companies embracing the notion of a flexible workplace and the fact that video conferencing might be the go-to plan in the future.

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