Cover image for Cloud Wars Live perspectives podcast, sponsored by SADA Systems
Cover image for Cloud Wars Live perspectives podcast, sponsored by SADA Systems

SADA: All In With Google Cloud

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SADA Systems is a high-growth business-technology services provider that has become one of the key partners in the Google Cloud ecosystem. A few years ago, SADA bucked the trend among service providers to carry multiple product lines and instead chose to focus on Google Cloud, which has resulted in rapid growth in revenue and influence within the industry. CEO Tony Safoian and CTO Miles Ward share their thoughts on customers, Google Cloud, culture, talent and family-run businesses in this lively conversation.

The Big Themes:

  • We went all in with Google Cloud: Most of our peers were actually going in the other direction. They wanted to be multicloud, making acquisitions in adjacent ecosystems.
  • Return to work shouldn’t mean return to normal: If I talk to our software developers, who were already remote before the pandemic.
  • This is the future of our business: We are about to make an investment that will change the trajectory of the company forever, and we have very high expectations.

The Big Quotes:

  • “There’s no customer that adopts the Google platform stack without taking on some bit of change.”
  • “We serve all the traditional enterprises that are fighting for relevance and survival, and we’re serving all the startups that are actively disrupting them.”
  • “We’ve attracted some of the most talented, and amazing – like Miles – executives in the world to come join us on this journey, and so, I think our customers feel that.”
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