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SAP, Oracle, Workday: Who’s #1 in Reviews? | Tinder on Customers

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“Tinder on Customers” is the monthly podcast series featuring Bob Evans in conversation with Bonnie Tinder. Bonnie is the founder and CEO of Raven Intel, an independent B2B peer review site that’s amplifying the voice of the customer. She focuses on software customers, consulting partners and software vendors, and helps identify the best partners for their needs. In this Tinder on Customers episode, Bonnie shares Raven Intel data around customer reviews and which categories SAP, Oracle and Workday dominate.

Episode 10

The Big Themes:

  • Results based upon ~400 vetted project reviews: Completed by customers involved with the implementation of SAP, Oracle, and Workday within the past 24 months.
  • On-budget delivery scores: As a rule of thumb, customers should figure on 1.5x the proposed amount for implementation.
  • The team stayed the same – no changes: If you are like the majority of customers, your team is likely to change during the course of the project.
  • Highest satisfaction for partner and project: SAP
  • Highest satisfaction for software: Workday
  • Most responsive during implementation: Oracle

The Big Quote: “All three vendors here are fairly neck and neck in terms of change orders.”

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