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Cover image for Cloud Wars Live: Standing Together with Chris Lochhead

Standing Together: Tears Are Colorless | Lochhead on Different

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Each month, “Lochhead on Different” episodes explore the need to differentiate people, products, and services in a world that encourages a lot of imitation. Christopher Lochhead is a best-selling author, top podcaster, and former tech-industry CMO. He’s a student of not only business and technology and marketing but also human nature, human folly, human genius, and very human joy.

Episode 14

In this episode: Chris and I talk about recent episodes of horrible violence exacting terrible tolls on families, communities, and this entire country.

As always, Chris shares thoughtful and powerfully voiced views. He weaves together the senseless murders of two Americans – George Floyd and Santa Cruz Sheriff’s Dept. Sergeant Damon Gutzwiller – and the agony and anger each has triggered.

Chris also relates a deeply personal story of the kidnapping and murder last year of his best friend – and of the relentless efforts of law enforcement to track down the 4 “unspeakably evil” killers. Echoing the view of most Americans, Chris says that while there are certainly some awful police officers, most law-enforcement officers perform an extremely difficult job in an honorable fashion.

We discuss the separate but related tributes Chris participated in, and cried in, for George Floyd and for Sgt. Gutzwiller, and profess our belief that it is time for good people of all backgrounds to stand together.

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