Cover image for Cloud Wars Live podcast with Bridget Courneya, about the Acceleration Economy
Cover image for Cloud Wars Live podcast with Bridget Courneya, about the Acceleration Economy

The Acceleration Economy: Buckle Up! | Courneya on Acceleration

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Watch “Courneya on Acceleration” with Bridget Courneya, the Online Editor at Dynamic Communities. Bridget empowers community via dynamic content and engaging events, while leading with bold altruism. She leads the development and production of digital stories in various mediums, including The Acceleration Economy Journal, The Wrap Weekly Podcast, and more.

Episode 3

The Big Themes:

  • The “T” in Teamwork: Why employees with breadth and depth are imperative for harmonizing organizational goals and culture. We call this the acceleration economy.
  • We are launching a brand-new program: August 19th to be exact, and it’s all content driven to what is the future role of the office of the CFO.
  • Tie in the future effects of the office: What’s the difference between data digitization – and why organizations should care.
  • I think develops a richer culture: It also helps for those people who are in those decision-making roles to better understand what you’re doing.

The Big Quotes:

  • “A lot of organizations are needing to be adaptive and changing on a dime.”
  • “I think more roles are going to be a little less tactical – a little more visionary and strategic.”
  • “Check out our podcast, The Wrap, that is one of my highlights of the week, and it’s a time that we can share what we’ve heard through the week.”
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