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The Process Revolution: Reimagining AI-Powered Business | Uphoff on Industry

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Each month, Tony Uphoff, visionary CEO of, joins Cloud Wars Live for a recurring segment. “Uphoff on Industry” will explore the innovations, upheavals, and breakthroughs reshaping the the world of manufacturing and industrial markets. Join Tony and me as we discuss disruptive new trends in the digital-industrial world. Today, we discuss the latest in AI and machine learning.

Episode 21

The Big Themes:

  • Process geeks rejoice! Reimagining business process is the next frontier: New technologies; especially in AI and Machine Learning are enabling a complete reimagining of business processes, way, way beyond simple process improvements. They hold the potential to catapult business performance but require new ways of thinking about business process and how employees work with technology.
  • “Nothing can happen for decades. And then decades happen in weeks.” Quote attributed to Scottish MP George Galloway. The COVID-19 pandemic has radically and irrevocably accelerated pre-existing trends. Eight weeks after the pandemic reached US shores eCommerce grew to 27% of retail, which represents a decade of growth in eight weeks. In essence business leaders are now running against 2030 expectations. This has huge implications for business leaders across most every industry.
  • The pandemic will create a revolution in healthcare: 99% of people accessed healthcare during the pandemic, without setting foot in a doctor’s office, much less a hospital. This forced embrace of telemedicine will drive an explosion of innovation and holds the potential to materially change the burdens of the beleaguered US healthcare system.

The Big Quote: “The data shows maybe I don’t need to go to from point A to point B to point C. Maybe I just go from point A to point Z.”

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