Cover image for Cloud Wars Live Perspectives, with Pure Storage CTO Rob Lee
Cover image for Cloud Wars Live Perspectives, with Pure Storage CTO Rob Lee

Transforming Data into Powerful Outcomes: Pure Storage CTO Rob Lee

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In this sponsored episode of Cloud Wars Live, Pure Storage CTO Rob Lee talks about the powerful new capabilities that arise for customers when they’re able to blend the best of enterprise storage with the agility and scalability of the cloud. Rob describes how customers are looking to the recently announced Pure Fusion to help them deal with 3 urgent priorities: modernizing their environments, accelerating operations, and empowering apps at a time when the types of apps are becoming more diverse. Rob also describes a compelling paradigm shift here at the dawn of the digital economy: while business continuity has been viewed traditionally as a temporary requirement, most companies today view it as the essential ability to be able to constantly adapt to and get out in front of change and volatility. Rob says that as Pure Storage simplifies how people consume and interact with data, it can help businesses make that shift.

The Big Themes:

  • They’re looking to modernize everything they do: And whether that’s the infrastructure, whether that’s how they operate the infrastructure, but modernization is such a key priority.
  • The pillars of a modernization: infrastructure, operations, and applications. Modernizing infrastructure. Operations and how they’re interacting with their data. Empowering their modern applications.
  • Their core storage products are designed from day one to be very elastically scalable, non-disruptively so that they can easily be expanded in terms of performance, in terms of capacity.

The Big Quotes:

  • “All of a sudden your entire workforce is working from home and there’s IT demands that come out of that.”
  • “Maybe there’s a hurricane, a data center goes offline. How do I bridge that gap? How do I survive that couple of weeks before I can get back to normal?”
  • “I think that’s going to continue to increase. And again, that’s something that we’ve invested heavily here at Pure. Because it just fits so well with the core principles of our technology.”
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