Cloud Wars Live cover graphic, with Pat Fitzgerald as the guest
Cloud Wars Live cover graphic, with Pat Fitzgerald as the guest

Universities Have Failed Miserably | Fitzgerald on Talent

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One of the top recruiters of executive and sales-leadership talent in the tech industry, Pat Fitzgerald brings deep and valuable perspectives on the battle for talent being waged across every industry today. In monthly episodes, Pat shares his unique insights on the new types of skills that businesses are seeking today, and also on opportunities that talented professionals of all ages are looking for. Today, we look at some of the important personal skills that matter to talent recruiters, and how universities are ill-equipped to teach them.

Episode 6

The Big Themes:

  • Young kids don’t have any money: After spending a hundred thousand dollars on a four year education I’d like to see the universities at least provide a one day seminar and teach them personal skills.
  • A lot of brilliant minds: Talented people that are in the middle of their career have no idea how to navigate to the next level.
  • They have to do their homework: I find it very sad that these young people don’t recognize that they have to present themselves.
  • The video conference is a challenge: If you’re feeling stressed take a breath, have fun, enjoy yourself, try really hard to make it a conversation. It’s not always about your skills or abilities. It’s about the personality contest.

The Big Quote:

  • “Look online. Every company has hundreds of openings and there’s so many people that are interviewing.”
  • “You need to also recognize that your hope is that you’re going to gain one or two advocates out of the interviewers.”
  • “It’s hugely important to recognize that you really want to connect with these people that are on the interview cycle.”
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