Cover image for Industry Clouds Boom podcast from Cloud Wars Live
Cover image for Industry Clouds Boom podcast from Cloud Wars Live

Salesforce EVP Jujhar Singh: Industry Clouds Booming!

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On this episode of the Cloud Wars Live podcast, I speak with Salesforce EVP Jujhar Singh, who heads up Salesforce’s Industry Clouds business. We discuss why so many businesses are eager to acquire and deploy these industry-specific applications and what new types of value the apps are delivering. Will also talk about how Industry Clouds fit into Salesforce’s large and well-established product portfolio, and how Salesforce’s approach compares with that of Microsoft and others.

The Industry Cloud Boom: Salesforce

The Big Themes:

  • The appetite for industry solutions is expanding in a very big way: Speaking the language of our customers is key.
  • AI becomes much richer: The key element is how do you imagine the whole thing using AI – including industry-specific data models, processes, and analytics.
  • Industry-specific offerings: Partners and customers building on top of not only our 360 platform but also industry-specific clouds.

The Big Quote: “We have seen an immense need from our customers and we have responded in kind by building and acquiring these companies, which are based on top of our plan.”

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Every vendor in the Cloud Wars Top 10 is racing to develop industry-specific solutions that will change how businesses operate, accelerate the pace of operations and innovation and enable those business to do things they could never do before.

The Industry Cloud Newsletter will explore the booming demand from business leaders for industry-specific cloud applications that work with but also transcend the traditional ERP, HCM and CRM/CX applications.

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