Cloud Revenue for Q2 ending 6/30: $2.69B

Cloud Services: SaaS, PaaS

CEO: Christian Klein

Klein slaps back at Larry Ellison, claims hundreds of Q2 wins vs. Oracle

S/4HANA Cloud Q2 revenue jumps 39%, with current cloud back up 48%

Resurgent partner program tied to making IP partner's top priority


Founded in 1972, SAP created the enterprise-applications business to help big corporations automate processes across finance, supply chain, HR and more. Today, with 440,000 customers across the globe, SAP is aggressively shifting its business model to the cloud. This rapid and at times disruptive evolution has been triggered both by SAP’s desire to lead its customers and partners into the cloud and by ferocious competition from rivals eager to grab chunks of SAP’s huge market share.
Through a range of aggressive recent acquisitions plus and equally aggressive internal development, SAP has become one of the industry’s largest providers of cloud applications, and sits at #5 on the Cloud Wars Top 10. With longtime CEO Bill McDermott stepping down at the end of 2019 to take over at the much smaller but high-potential ServiceNow, newly named co-CEOs Christian Klein and Jennifer Morgan are committed to making customer success an even bigger objective for SAP in 2020 and beyond.

SAP’s cloud services

SAP has a sets of both SaaS applications and PaaS services for its HANA database and platform. In the past couple of years, SAP has largely pulled out of IaaS while forging strategic ties with the leading hyperscalers: Microsoft, AWS, and Google Cloud. Among SAP’s SaaS services are procurement, analytics, CRM, supply chain, HR and financial management. Its PaaS services are organized in 6 categories: Integration Suite, Enterprise Extensions, Intelligent Business Process Management (BPM), Data-Driven Insights, Digital Experience and Platform Foundation.

Why SAP has earned a spot in the Cloud Wars Top 10

SAP’s applications touch a massive percentage of the global GDP on a daily basis. The company’s moving aggressively to help all of its customers move to the cloud in the way and on the timetable that each prefers. Through aggressive development approach, great leadership, and excellent relationships with its customers, it is helping drive global cloud innovation on a massive scale.

SAP Special Report 2020

The Cloud Wars Top 10 is a list of the 10 largest and most-influential cloud-computing companies in the world. With a combined market cap of about $5.5 trillion, these 10 companies have an enormous impact every hour of every day on billions of people and hundreds of thousands of companies. This Special Report analyses those 10 companies around 5 strategic themes: Opportunities, Challenges, Differentiation, Leadership, and Big Questions. We offer our insights on what they need to do in 2021 to continue to lead the world in innovation, speed, digital transformation, AI, ML, customer engagements, and more.

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