Bob talks with Qualtrics CEO Ryan Smith at SAP Sapphire Now 2019
Bob talks with Qualtrics CEO Ryan Smith at SAP Sapphire Now 2019

Qualtrics CEO Ryan Smith | Q&A at SAP Sapphire Now 2019

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Cloud Wars caught up with Qualtrics CEO Ryan Smith during SAP’s big Sapphire 2019 event in Orlando. About 6 months after agreeing to an acquisition by SAP and about 3 months after the deal was completed, the Qualtrics co-founder and Chief Executive had some compelling insights and stories to share.

We discussed how SAP’s global presence is helping Qualtrics scale at a pace that would have otherwise been impossible. Ryan shared his unique expertise and insight into why experience management is the solution that businesses need today and will need even more tomorrow. And I got a look at how Ryan sees Qualtrics fitting into and strengthening the SAP cloud. Watch to get a look behind the curtain of a deal that has sparked transformation and innovation at one of the world’s top enterprise tech vendors.

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Highlights from Qualtrics CEO Ryan Smith

▪️ “For the first time in tech history, we’re seeing the large organizations out-execute all of the smaller organizations.”
▪️ “We’re making more decisions and quicker than we have ever made them in the past. So if people thought Qualtrics was a force before, what we’re seeing now is entirely different.”
▪️ “Adding Qualtrics across the cloud—not as a vertical application, but across—is game-changing.”