SAP CEO Bill McDermott | Exclusive Q&A at Sapphire Now 2019

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In an exclusive interview during SAP’s big Sapphire 2019 event in Orlando, SAP CEO Bill McDermott sat down with Cloud Wars to talk the past, present, and future of his company. On the heels of his second main-stage keynote of the conference, McDermott described SAP’s sweeping transformation, its breakthrough acquisition of Qualtrics, the strategic significance of experience management, and his outlook on what SAP must do to retain a leading position in the intensely competitive enterprise-software business.

As McDermott told me, “complacency is a disease—and lots of companies have it.” But he refuses to allow SAP to sit on its laurels. The Qualtrics acquisition. A renewed emphasis on customer success. And an unrelenting belief in the power of trust. Watch our exclusive Q&A with one of the most exciting CEOs in the Cloud Wars.