Uphoff on Industry episode 1
Uphoff on Industry episode 1

Automation & Blockchain: U.S. Manufacturing Is Back! | Uphoff on Industry

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Each month, seasoned executive Tony Uphoff joins Cloud Wars Live for a recurring segment. “Uphoff on Industry” will explore the innovations, upheavals, and breakthroughs reshaping the the world of manufacturing and industrial markets. Join monthly guest Tony Uphoff, CEO of Thomasnet.com, and me as we discuss disruptive new trends in the digital-industrial world: not just how products are designed, sourced and manufactured, but also the new ways in which industrial companies are getting up to speed on marketing, sales and customer experience.

Episode 1

In this episode, Tony and I look at how the world of work is changing. No longer starkly divided between white collar and blue collar, today “new collar” jobs are on the rise. We also debunk some misunderstandings about U.S. manufacturing. (Hint: the U.S. remains a formidable power, with 248,000 new jobs created in 2018.) Finally, we dive into some less-discussed forms of digital transformation: now that the B2B buyer has gone online, there are fewer habit- and knowledge-gaps between the millennial and the baby boom generations.

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