Cover image for Cloud Wars' Industry Cloud Boom: ServiceNow
Cover image for Cloud Wars' Industry Cloud Boom: ServiceNow

ServiceNow Industries: ‘Orchestrating the Work’

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In this episode, the two leaders of ServiceNow’s industry-specific business share their perspectives on taking the “workflow revolution” into vertical markets. Abhijit Mitra, VP of industry products and Marshall Tyler, VP of industry solutions, discuss the need for businesses to be able to understand the behaviors and expectations of their customers’ customers, and how that is becoming one of the primary value drivers behind the booming demand for purpose-built vertical solutions. I’ve ranked ServiceNow at #9 on my new Industry Cloud Top 10, and Abhijit and Marshall explain their company’s big plans for this new category.

The Big Themes:

  • It’s all about orchestrating the work: If you really step back and start with our customer’s customer, you need to do different things from different industries.
  • How businesses are redefining themselves: Wayne Gretzky says, “Skate where the puck is going.” The puck is coming directly at us.
  • Still on this new journey: Really excited about where this is going – especially the way we are building the solutions and taking them to market.
  • We’re very passionate about this: If you really want to be able to change the way our customers are interacting with their customers, you really have to get in their shoes.

The Big Quote: “With our solution, they went live in eight weeks and they achieved a 70% reduction in cost and a 1,500 times faster processing time.”

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