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Microsoft, Amazon and Salesforce’s Exceptional Leadership in Confronting COVID-19

March 26, 2020
While many of the world’s leading tech companies continue to make meaningful and enduring contributions to the battle against COVID-19, the three companies whose efforts have been most significant are Microsoft, Amazon and Salesforce. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that their standout leadership and innovative approaches during the unprecedented global COVID-19 crisis mirror their
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Walmart Was An Industrial Age Masterpiece, Then Came Amazon | Araujo on Transformation

March 4, 2020
Welcome to the first episode of a new Cloud Wars Live monthly series: Araujo on Transformation. We all hear a lot (too much?) about Digital Transformation, but Charles Araujo is working to ground that platitude in reality. An engaging speaker and best-selling author, Charles is spreading the gospel of business change through an equally human
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Calling Jeff Bezos: It’s Time to Spin Out AWS! | Ammirati on Innovation

March 3, 2020
Each month, “Ammirati on Innovation” episodes will look at ways that the disruptive-startup mentality is spreading beyond young entrepreneurs to big established corporations. Serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist and Carnegie Mellon B-school professor Sean Ammirati, who sits at the intersection of these high-change dynamics, provides insight. Episode 10 In this episode, Sean and I focus on the
Table showing the top 5 cloud vendors based on 2019 revenue

Who Are the World’s Top 5 Cloud Vendors Ranked by 2019 Revenue?

February 18, 2020
While revenue is just one of many measures we use in setting our weekly Cloud Wars Top 10, it’s fascinating to see that in terms of raw dollars, IBM grabs third place in a ranking of the top 5 vendors by 2019 cloud revenue. IBM has been at #7 on the Cloud Wars Top 10
Screenshot from one of the AWS Super Bowl Ads with Aaron Rodgers

AWS Super Bowl Ads Draw This Reaction from Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian

February 17, 2020
During the recent Super Bowl, AWS showcased its big-data and analytics prowess through its ongoing high-visibility campaign of TV ads built around NFL plays and the endless array of statistics surrounding them.   Quarterback Aaron Rodgers in one of AWS' Next-Gen Stats commercials So when Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian spoke at the recent Goldman
AWS CEO Andy Jassy said it's folklore to believe Amazon takes over industries

Open Letter to AWS CEO Andy Jassy: People Aren’t as Dumb as You Think

February 14, 2020
Dear Andy: Here at Cloud Wars, we’re big admirers of your company, which is #2 on the Cloud Wars Top 10 behind #1 Microsoft. We're also fans of you, whom we selected as 2018 CEO of the Year. But that well-earned respect aside, I want to briefly address a comment you made the other day
Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai explains how Google Cloud might catch Amazon

If Google Wants to Catch Amazon in the Cloud, M&A Is the Key

February 5, 2020
While Google Cloud reported an impressive 53% growth rate for Q4 and an annualized run rate of $10.4 billion, the law of bigger numbers reveals that the only way it can catch #2 Amazon in the cloud is through aggressive M&A. As the below graphic reveals in detail, even if Google Cloud can maintain growth
Cloud Wars analyzes the TechCrunch story on Microsoft vs. AWS cloud

AWS Thrashing Microsoft, Says TechCrunch—But Revenue Numbers Tell Opposite Story

February 4, 2020
A very large, successful and well-respected tech-media company last week wrote that “Microsoft is miles behind the cloud leader” (AWS) and is “still struggling to gain meaningful ground on AWS’s lead.” However, official financial documents released by both companies last week clearly show that Microsoft’s cloud business is much larger than that for Amazon’s AWS
CEO Satya Nadella discusses Microsoft cloud revenue for 2019

Microsoft Blows Away Amazon in 2019 Cloud Revenue: 30% Bigger

January 30, 2020
Microsoft’s latest blowout quarter brings its total enterprise-cloud revenue for calendar 2019 to $44.7 billion, making its cloud business about 30% larger than the approximately $34.8 billion that I expect Amazon to report for AWS tomorrow. Microsoft’s stellar $12.5 billion in cloud revenue for its fiscal Q2 ended Dec. 31, up 41%, should help correct