Microsoft-Oracle Shocker: Customers Win as #1 and #6 Vendors Pair Up

June 6, 2019
In announcing a stunning new partnership that conjures up “not until hell freezes over,” #1 cloud vendor Microsoft strengthens and extends its leadership position while #6 Oracle wins big new customer opportunities by setting aside its fierce independence. This landmark agreement goes far beyond the standard tech-industry pair-ups of convenience precisely because of the companies
Oracle SVP Steve Daheb spoke with Cloud Wars Live about the breakthroughs that Oracle cloud is delivering for customers.

Oracle Cloud Driving “Fundamental Breakthroughs for Companies of All Sizes”

June 3, 2019
By playing in all three layers of the cloud and offering a fully autonomous cloud database, Oracle’s betting it can help customers do things they were never able to do before while accelerating operations, reducing cost and reducing risk. “We're starting to see things at this tipping point, that point after which unstoppable change occurs,”
Bob spoke with Steve Daheb about Oracle's cloud strategy

Oracle’s Cloud Strategy | Cloud Wars Top 10 Executive Insights

May 30, 2019
Here’s my conversation with Oracle's Steve Daheb, who is Senior Vice President of Oracle Cloud Business Group. This is also episode 6 of “Cloud Wars Top 10 Executive Insights.” As the tech companies in our Cloud Wars Top 10 rankings drive transformation not just in individual corporations but also in entire global industries, it’s essential for

Oracle Autonomous Database: Overhyped or Tech-Industry Game-Changer?

March 20, 2019

Whatever level of commercial success the self-driving Oracle Autonomous Database ultimately achieves, it has surely already become the most highly touted and heavily hyped bet-the-company product ever introduced by Oracle—and perhaps by any tech company. That’s all fine—it’s part of the high-intensity world we live in here in 2019. Just five months ago Oracle chairman Larry

Oracle’s Larry Ellison Bet the Company On Autonomous Database—And Odds Just Improved

February 26, 2019

For more than a year, Oracle founder Larry Ellison has been aggressively touting the virtues of the company’s self-driving Autonomous Database—even stating it is one of two products that will “determine the future of the company”—but very little has been heard from customers using the new database. So I got quite a shock the other

CRM 2019

Amazon Versus Oracle: The Battle for Cloud Database Leadership

January 17, 2019

Following Amazon’s announcement late last year that it intends to rip its extensive network of Oracle Databases and replace them with its own technology, a recent blog post reveals that a big part of the AWS competitive strategy is to continue expanding its large and growing roster of “purpose-built” databases for the cloud. In the

Gartner Public Cloud Revenue Forecast Autonomous Database

Amazon vs. Oracle: How Larry Ellison’s Autonomous Database Reinvents the Cloud

January 7, 2019

As Amazon continues to stomp Oracle in the public-cloud infrastructure market and prepares to rip and replace the Oracle Database with its home-grown technology, Larry Ellison is attempting to audaciously redefine the cloud industry to play to Oracle’s dominant strengths instead of its Amazon-era weaknesses. Ellison is planning to fuse the software-centric cloud segment where